Transferring Your Existing Preneed Policy

A pre-arrangement helps your family understand exactly what your wishes are. This can tremendously ease the burden of decision making during an incredibly stressful time. However, sometimes final wishes change, whether due to relocation, a change in circumstances, or choosing to utilize a funeral home you feel more comfortable with. Do you have a preneed funeral arrangement at another funeral home and wish to transfer it to Audubon Funeral Home? No problem, we can help!

A preplanned funeral arrangement, no matter where they were originally arranged, can be easily transferred to Audubon Funeral Home. It’s simply an insurance policy in the amount of your desired funeral or cremation expenses. We will honor your preplanned funeral policy if you wish to transfer it at no additional cost to you. Simply give us a call and we will be happy to assist you in moving forward with transferring your prepaid funeral policy.